Laser Engraving and Laser Marking Metal

Laser marking

Laser marking works differently than your traditional rotary engraving.  Our process does not cut into the metal, but laser marks the surface of the metal material.  On Uncoated brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, bronze silver plated and gold plated items, we laser mark using a special paste that when combined with the heat of our laser, produces a permanent  representation of your  text, graphics or logo as a black marking on your metal objects.    The paste is scientifically formulated to make a permanent, chemical bond to surfaces, without compromising or damaging the material being marked.  The text, graphics or logo that is laser marked will last as long as the item it is marked on.  Please see example below of a few of the items we have laser marked for our customers in and around Berlin. 

Laser engraving 

We can laser engrave on a variety of painted or enameled metals as well as anodized aluminum.  The way the laser engraving process works on painted or enameled metals, is that the laser burns through the coating on the metal to produce the laser engraving, painted or enameled metals will have varying colors depending on coating and metal.   On anodized aluminum the laser oxidizes the anodized aluminum, which creates greyish or white engraving, (the backs of the iPhone 5 and iPads are examples of anodized aluminum).

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